Paul Davis' HIM INDOORS: Caught in the Act


Him Indoors (2012)
Director: Paul Davis
Writer: Paul Davis
Cast: Reece Shearsmith, Pollyanna McIntosh
Website: Him Indoors Official Site

I have my friend Matt Garrett to thank for directing me toward Paul Davis'  Him Indoors. It's a hilarious reverse of the Sigourney Weaver serial killer vehicle Copycat (1995). Instead of Weaver's sympathetic phobic, however, we find a psycho afraid to leave his own home. It's a playful, but dark film that is available to watch for free on FearNet.

Reece Shearsmith (Shaun of the Dead) portrays Gregory, a man meek in appearance, but harboring a monster inside that kidnaps and kills hapless victims lured to his apartment. His life confined to his home makes murder a challenge, but alleviates his crushing agoraphobia. Enter Lizzie (Pollyanna McIntosh), Gregory's intrusive neighbor, who unknowingly barges in on his freshest kill. She cavorts around Gregory's pad none-the-wiser despite evidence of foul play.


Pollyanna McIntosh, fresh off a wave of tremendous success with Lucky McKee's The Woman gets to show off her versatility with impressive comedic chops. Her performance is the perfect foil to Shearsmith's squirrely Gregory. The two have tremendous chemistry, and really give the simple premise the punch it needed to overcome any limitations in budget or location.

Paul Davis' screenplay and direction is focused, and every component needed to make an effective short is on display here. The blend of horror and comedic awkwardness is an effective way to capitalize on the success of similarly formatted situation comedies, but with that demented touch horror fans embrace. Him Indoors is an impressive treat, and evidence that this trio should work together again.

Him Indoors Trailer

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