Cinedelphia disturbs with VIVISECTIONS on April 14

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Cinedelphia - the portal to the best cinema in the greater Philadephia area - has launched their own festival to celebrate the rich film history of the City of Brotherly Love. The Cinedelphia Film Festival takes place from April 4 - 27 featuring the best films with a Philadelphia connection.

Part of the event is a special presentation of subversive films entitled Vivisections, programmed by area filmmaker Matt Garrett. Mr. Garrett has collected some of the most challenging, brutal, and brazen films from all over the globe. Each sinister film is hand-picked to startle, disturb, or arouse. All selections are Philadelphia premieres.

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Titles include Karen Lam's The Stolen (2012), a fairy tale gone horribly awry when a young girl helps out the wrong fairy princess. Sam Walker's Bite Horse (2012) is a nightmarish music video featuring the unnerving sounds of the band Mississippi Witch. Maude Michaud's RED (2012) is a stunning cinematic crossroads where erotica meets the snuff film. Greg Hanson and Casey Regan's Meat Me in Plainville (2011) blends Soylent Green with the sensibilities of a 50's sitcom. Josh MacDonald's Game (2012) is a satirical take on backwoods hillbilly survivalist fare, and Matt O'Mahoney's Adjust Tracking (2012) puts a neat VHS spin on bloody revenge flicks. These are just a sample of the horrible treats in store for Philadelphia area fans of provocative film.

Below is Cinedelphia's Official Press Release with ticketing info, dates/times, more film descriptions, and a few trailers:

CFF: VIVISECTIONS International Short Horror Films

Sunday, April 14 2013, 9:30 PM
VIVISECTIONS: International Short Horror Films Program

 photo BirthdayBoys_zpscfd62966.jpgVoyeurism, snuff, cinema and sex collide in Red, a provocative slow-burn shocker from Montreal horror maven, Maude Michaud (Hollywood Skin).  In Rafael De Leon Jr's Birthday Boys, teenaged Riley turns to dark forces in order to bring back her lost love.  Cinematic madman Sam Walker (Tea Break) presents his short film/music video hybrid Bite Horse, the first chapter of a multi-media collaboration with the Southern Gothic band Mississippi Witch.  Next is Doll Parts and Stained director Karen Lam's The Stolen, a dark fairy tale about a young girl with a big heart who is forced to strike a bargain ur program concludes with the stop-motion animated nightmare, Crépuscule, from visionary director Éric Falardeau (Thanatomorphose).  A young woman, bound at the wrists, attempts to escape her demented redneck captors in screenwriter Josh MacDonald's (The Corridor) beautifully photographed and wickedly funny directorial debut, Game.  Aussie director Dave Wade's slick, sick and hilariously crude A Tale of Obsession follows an overweight teen goth as she attempts to curb her hunger to win the heart (and body) of the perpetually shirtless school hunk.  Matt O'Mahoney, director of the Fantastic Fest award-winning Electric Fence, returns with Adjust Tracking, a lovingly meaty homage to the Golden Age of VHS Horror.  And finally, from the delightfully twisted minds of  Greg Hanson & Casey Regan (Thy Kill Be Done) comes the definitive argument against USDA-approved cannibalism, Meat Me in Plainville.  Think Soylent Green meets I Drink Your Blood with a healthy dose of Father Knows Best thrown in for good measure.  Human Meat Is Murder!

Every film in this program is a Philadelphia Premiere, having previously played such festivals as Cannes, Fantasia, PiFan, Sydney Underground,and Fantastic Fest.

Advance tix are $10, no refunds or exchanges.

The Cinedelphia Film Festival is a Philly-centric celebration of Philly film running from April 4-27, 2013.


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