Brace Yourselves for Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void


Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void Starts at Kendall Square Cinema on Friday, November 12.

There's really no way to take the work of Gaspar Noe other than as the film equivalent of blunt head trauma. From his start with provocative short films like Came and Sodomites, nihilistic, yet thoughtful features like I Stand Alone, to the hyper-real assault on the senses of the brutal Irreversible, Noe has been delivering gut-punching, uncompromising visions of humanity torn asunder by drugs, self-centeredness, confusion, and self-loathing. Never a pleasant experience, the films, however, leave the viewer feeling a little different about his or her perspective on truth and reality, as well as questioning the disguised, repressed nature of people.


After a successful run in the festival circuit, his latest film Enter the Void, is making its way across the U.S. in limited screenings across the country. The Boston area is lucky enough to have a screening at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge starting November 12.

Enter the Void has been universally revered as a mind-altering experience that pushes the boundaries of even Noe. If you feel able to endure it, don't miss it on the big screen for the full effect.

Enter the Void Trailer

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