My Double Feature for this Weekend: The Intruder and Eating Raoul

I'll be spending a little time this weekend catching up with some cult favorites that have somehow eluded me in my life. I decided to make a double feature of it, which is always a great way to spend a weekend afternoon or evening. Luckily, my local library is well-stocked in a number of great classics, and I was easily able to locate DVD copies of both films.

First up is Roger Corman's critically acclaimed commentary on racism, 1962's The Intruder. Starring William Shatner, the film follows the expoits of racist "reformer" Adam Cramer as he attempts to thwart de-segretation in schools in a small southern town. I'm a huge fan of Corman's Poe adaptations, and it will be great to see what he does here with something that is completely opposite of those old horror classics.

The Intruder Trailer

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Next Up: Riding the coattails of John Waters-inspired outrageous suburban/urban dark comedy is Paul Bartel's 1982 cult hit Eating Raoul. In this bizzare film, a couple discover a way to raise money to increase their social "status" by killing swingers in their apartment building. The film starts Bartel along with Mary Waronov (Night of the Comet, House of the Devil) as boring, but murderous couple Paul and Mary Bland.

Eating Raoul Trailer


Andre said...

Eeeep I love Eating Raoul! It's also one of the most memorable box covers in my past child mind...gah I want to watch it NOW.

Chris Hallock said...

Andre, I didn't watch it yet, but I'm looking forward to a viewing tonight. I had no idea this was a favorite from your youth.